Our name... Where did that come from?

With our dedication, Aboingo Services has been built into a highly reputable business in a very competitive industry.  One reason and contributing factor to our success is our name.  We often receive questions about our name like;  What does it mean?  Does it have anything to do with the musical group Oingo Boingo?  All we can say is that the name was meant to be memorable, catchy, and be at the top of marketing lists, which are often listed alphabetically.  



In dedication to the exhausted attorney that just can't do everything, to the individual who is not going to be taken advantage of and the business that demands that they get paid for their services & products.  We shall not be taken advantage of!

We opened our doors on January 1st, 2002.  We experienced steady growth throughout the first year of business and continued to grow in 2003, more than doubling our sales from 2002.  2004 was another great year.  We pushed the limits with over a 250% increase in sales.  From there we have simply grown and grown.  Since 2004 we have moved 4 times, each time we moved, it's because we have outgrown our office. 

As always we focus on reliability, accountability and great customer service.  Throughout the years we created a reputation in our local market.  Our company's goal is to become a solution provider for all.  By concentrating on our client's needs we have been able to structure our business to accommodate any situation.  We are trusted, reliable, and accountable, period.  That is how we do business.

About Us

Garret Brown

Garret started Aboingo Services from the ground up.  Garret is well versed in the Legal Services Industry and is also a Notary Public, and Life & Health Agent.

Names and titles

  • Garret Brown, President
  • Jennifer Brown, Senior Legal Services Expert
  • Sally Armijo, Lead Intake


Sally Armijo

Sally recently joined Aboingo Services and has since become a vital member of our firm, she is often the first person you will speak with when contacting us.  

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer co-founded the business with Garret and continues to contribute her expert legal services to the business, she is also a Notary public and a Paralegal

Aboingo Services